Diseases ending in “tis” or “sis”, what to do?

Sinusitis, arthritis, gastritis, anything and everything that ends in “tis” or “sis” lives in the lymphatic system and is caused by acids trapped in your body. The only way to reduce the acid is to increase the alkalinity. Once you have increased¬†the alkalinity,¬†every discomfort you are experiencing at this time […]

Superfood’s Healing Benefits

Acai Antioxidant rich berry, stimulating, and energy boosting Goji The most nutritionally deuse fruit on Earth. Contains all essential aminoacids, loaded with vitamin C, 21 trace mineral and high in fiber. Power house fruit Maca Rich is vitamin B-12, protein, calcium, Zinc, iron, magnesium phosphorous, and aminoacids. Boosts libido, increase […]

Healing Powers of Food

Certain foods have the capacity to regenerate health and to avoid certain disorders and diseases. These foods provide not only preventive, but also curative and regenerative substances in addition to present nutrients. For this reason, foods have to be carefully chosen to cure, relieve, and prevent disorders and diseases, just […]

Chef Aline Faro

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